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5 Makeup Items, You Must Have in Your Purse

Some beauty products are as essential for a woman to leave with as her pants. The little pouch laced with those fresh-faced-look tools needs to only carry some essentials which are the five makeup items must haves in your purse.

Makeup items can be different for everyone depending on their needs, and situation. Like an office going girl could carry different make-up articles in her purse than her teenage niece. But there are some basics that no one wants to do without- some old standbys you can justifiably spend cash on.

Take a look at the five makeup items that deserve a permanent home in your cosmetic bag. These are your must have and will soon become your beauty survival kit.


A concealer is one great beauty product that multi-tasks yet remains under-rated by many. It helps disguise blemishes and also serves as a highlighter. Concealer comes in liquids (good for dry skin), creams and sticks. Liquids are the lightest form of concealer, while sticks are the most solid and opaque.

For masking the dark circles or hiding puffiness under the eyes, the best concealer to use is a tone lighter than your complexion. After you apply the concealer with fingertips, blend it evenly with a sponge.


Long, thick lashes are every girl’s dream and an asset to attract the boys. Mascara has a magical wand that lengthens, thickens, and separate lashes, depending on the way you use it. Thinner mascaras with finer brushes create more natural looking lashes, and thicker versions with fat brushes make thin lashes look broader and bolder.

Carrying mascara around in your purse will help you wear as many coats as you want according to the place you are going. So, you can leave your home in morning with one coat of mascara, dab on another for the office meeting, and the third one for a bolder look at the party in evening.

Lipstick/ Lip Gloss

Lip color is indispensable to the complete overall made-up look when it comes to grabbing attention. If you wonder “lipstick or gloss, how does it matter” you must reconsider. Lipstick is more opaque, and tends to stand out more than gloss. Gloss provides more of a subtle shine, and can make lips look plumper.
Make your choice and carry them around to accentuate thin lips, stay colorful and to keep your lips from drying. Brownish pinks, soft pinks, light red and beige lipsticks are the best accents for lighter skin, while darker reds, burgundies and browns play better off dark skin.

Combo Compact Mirror

Save yourself the trips to the restroom for every touch-up.  Carry a hand-held compact mirror that lets you check your teeth, touch-up and your hair fix while you are on your seat or on the go.

With it, you’ll never again have to awkwardly balance your purse on your lap while using a public restroom.


The top reason to adopt a moisturizing regimen is to help restore moisture to dry skin. While some people naturally have dry skin, for most, it’s brought on by showering too much, using the wrong type of soap, or from living in an especially dry climate. People with oily skin should use moisturizer, too, although for different reasons.

While different people have different make-up needs, these five make-up must haves will complete your look and requirements without over-stuffing your bag.

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