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Married Life: Common Problems

The first year of married life is when the haze of romance lifts, and reality begins to set in. Instead of spending time together doing fun things, couples start facing the reality of life. Newlyweds are often confronted with differences that seemed unimportant or non-existent when they were dating, but become front and center after marriage.

In married life, there are many common problems. Lot of them can be avoided, fixed or resolved using many different methods and techniques.

Here are different problems in married life that are common.

  • Values and beliefs: Certainly there will be differences and disagreements within a marriage, but some differences are too major to ignore, such as core values and beliefs. One spouse may have one religion and the other may have a different belief. As you may have guessed, this could cause major trouble down the line when one spouse gets tired of doing things separately, such as going to different places of worship. Other differences include core values. These include the way children are reared and the things they were taught during their childhood, such as the definition of right and wrong. Since everyone does not grow up with the same belief systems, morals and goals, there is a lot of room for debate.
  • Life stages: Many people do not consider their life stages when it comes to a relationship. In some instances, problems occur simply because both spouses have outgrown each other and want more out of life from someone else. This is a common issue among married couples who have a significant age gap whether is it an older man and younger woman or older woman and younger man.
  • Traumatic situations: Traumatic situations are other problems that couples may experience. This can be . A lot of traumatic events that occur are life-changing. For some married couples, these traumatic situations become problems because one spouse doesn’t know how to handle the situation at hand. One spouse may not know or understand how to function without the other due to them being in the hospital or on bed rest. In other situations, one spouse may require around-the-clock care, causing them to be solely dependent on the other spouse. Sometimes, the pressure is too great and the responsibility is too much to deal with, so the relationship spirals downward until it comes to a complete end.
  • Stress: In married life, stress is a common problem that most couples will face at least once within their relationship. In a relationship, there may be many different situations and instances, including financial, family, mental and illness which can cause stress. Financial  problems can stem from a spouse losing their job or being demoted at their job. Stress from family can include children, problems with their family or the spouse’s family. Many different things can trigger stress. How the to manage and handle stress can create more stress.
  • Boredom: Some spouses become bored with their relationship. They may get tired of the things that occur within the relationship. In this situation, it comes down to being bored with the relationship because it has become predictable. A couple may do the same thing every day for many years without change or without a spark. A spark usually consists of doing spontaneous things from time to time. If a relationship lacks spontaneous activities, there is a good chance boredom will become a problem.
  • Jealousy: Jealousy is another common issue that causes a marriage to turn sour. If you have an overly jealous partner, being with them and around them can become a challenge. Jealousy is good for any relationship, as long as it is not a person being overly jealous. Such individuals will be overbearing: they may question who you are talking to on the phone, why you are talking to them, how you know them and how long you have known them, etc. Having a spouse that is overly jealous spouse can put a strain on the relationship; a lot of stress will eventually end such a relationship.

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