Right Footwear for Different Dresses

There is a saying that “shoes describe the personality of a person”. They play a very important role in building one’s image.But have you ever faced a situation where you feel that you just don’t have any footwear to wear to office on your special presentation day? Or may be a situation where you realize that your shoe is not complementing your dress as a result of which your entire look fades away.

Each one of us must have come across a similar situation at one point or other. So what do you do in such a situation? Panic around, make shopping the first thing on your to-do-list, or wear whatever you have and just let it be?

Well here are some tips that will help you, so that the next time when you choose footwear complementing your formals; you may actually hit the bull’s eye:

Footwear For Western Formal Wear: Shirt with A-shape skirt or trousers

  1. Make sure that the colour of the footwear may match the colour of your belt.
  2. Always wear closed-toe footwear with formals.
  3. Say no to pencil heels for office.
  4. Last but not the least; your footwear should not make noise while you walk as it does not give a good impression.

Footwear For Indian Formal Or Semi-formal Wear: Sari/palazzo/ skirt/kurti-pyjami/jeans etc.

  1. Go with open-toe footwear, but avoid high heels.
  2. Flip-flops are a big NO to office.
  3. Although there is no particular rule for footwear when we talk about skirts/frocks, however looking at the renowned ones, one can say that the trend is of wearing open-toe and high heels.
  4. When we talk about palazzo or open-leg dresses, the kind of footwear depends on the kind of body shape you have. For the ones who are heavy weight and have a medium height, it is advisable to opt for platform heels with palazzo. For those who have a good height and are slim, high heels is the best option along with palazzo.
  5. As per the Indian culture, females also prefer wearing kurti-pyjami to office. So in case of kurti-pyjami, one must opt for flats/ chappals or juttis.
  6. Also jeans are a complete casual wear because of its rugged nature, but females do enjoy wearing it on the professional front as well. So if you are planning to wear jeans, make sure you wear close-toe.

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