What to do if your life partner is ignoring you

How true is this statement? Yes, indeed it is true that the one who loves you will hurt you the most. Love is a strange phenomenon in itself but modern era has proved that more than love, the ways of loving have gone strange. Making each other jealous, testing each other’s love, intruding each other’s personal space in the name of love are the most common practices observed by the lovers these days. Ignoring the one you love is the latest addition.

  1. Getting ignored is common in relationships.
  2. Ignoring can be a sign of infidelity but not always.
  3. Ignoring it can become the reason of separation.

Yes, you, me, and each one of us has gone through the situation where our partner has ignored us and we were absolutely clueless about the reason. Getting ignored and ignoring can just ruin the things on a different level altogether. Yes, not just ignoring is hurting; it can become the reason of separation. If you are getting ignored by your partner, there could be many reasons. It could be you; it could something that your partner is not able to share with you, it could be anything.

If you think that your partner is ignoring you, here are some points that you must keep in mind:

Is he/she really ignoring you?

There are times when inability to give attention is taken as ignorance while it’s not. It is important that we understand what exactly ignoring is. Understand, there will be plenty of times when your partner will not be able to give you time, he or she will be occupied with his own personal things. If he or she is not able to pick your calls or text you back, there is a fair chance that they are just busy and not ignoring you.

Why are they ignoring you?

Now, if you are sure that they are ignoring you, ask yourself why? See, there could be some reason behind their behavior. Talk to them; ask them if there is something that they want to share with you or that you can help them with. Try to be communicative. Communication solves half the problems.

Reach out to him/her

If he or she is not able to talk to you, if you think there is something that is bugging them and making them hold back their real self and emotions, you bridge the gap. Yes, if something is bothering them and they are not able to talk to you, you take the initiative and talk to them while maintaining the right flow of communication. Don’t break the momentum, reconnect with him or her. It could be a tough phase for them where they need you.


If you think that there is no problem and he or she is just plainly ignoring you. Don’t cling. Rather than bugging them, go and hand out with your friends. Make your partners realize that you too have a life and are happy even when they are not there.

If they are cheating

If they are cheating on you, if they are ignoring you because they are seeing someone else and you are no more their priority, it’s time to move on. Leave, it is about self-respect. However, before making any decision, be certain of things.

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