New Relationship

Quit Making These Mistakes in A New Relationship

A new relationship should be taken care of. We must not complicate things in a relationship. Treating your partner differently in the starting stages will only complicate things later on.

Many of us claim that we do not need love or are “anti-love” but the fact is that even when we say that we do not need love in our life, secretly we do wish to find love. The truth is that we all are so deprived of love, affection and care that when out of the blue we come across someone who gives us the love that we truly deserve; we fail to react and response properly.

Many people get into a relationship without any knowing what real love feels like and as a result, most of us mess it up. Yes, when we start a new relationship, many a time we mess things up. We rush, we complicate and there are many other mistakes that we commit unknowingly out of confusion and wreck things.

Mistakes that we make in a new relationship:

  1. Clinging on your new partner
    When you just get into a new relationship, we cling on our new partner like they are the only thing in the entire world. We try to be in contact for 24×7 with them over calls or texts. We even try to meet them every second day. It starts with a regular night call that lasts for more than hour and when there are days when your partner is not available for that regular call, you start to feel neglected. When the things are new, there are many things that you can talk about; you talk every day to know each other better. You meet every second day because you feel the urge to see them but this clinging and not giving your partner enough space to breathe only wrecks things.
  2. No family and friend time
    You stop spending time with your friends and family. This one thing is the worst mistake you could ever make in a new relationship. When you stop spending time with your friends and family, you show that you don’t have a life of your own. Do give your lover time but do make time for your peers as well.
  3. Staying bottled up
    There will be this one day when there is something about your partner will bother you and you stay quiet about it. When you have just started a relationship, know that this best time to be upfront with your issues. Instead of staying bottled up or being silently mad; communicate with your partner to resolve things, so that things don’t worsen up.
  4. Trying to bring change in their personality
    When a new relationship starts, we do try to bring some changes in our partner’s personality. Be it the outer appearance or be it their personality from within, we do wish to make some little tweaks but we must never try to alter their real self. If your partner talks too loud or laughs loudly, make peace with it or maybe join them. Make them comfortable them with their real selves, don’t ask them to change because there are chances that they won’t be able to change but will pretend to be someone else in front of you, so that you like them more.

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