plastic spoon lamp

Plastic Spoon Lamp : Do It Yourself (DIY Idea)

Very Funky yet inexpensive look for a lamp shade can be achieved using nothing more than plastic bottle and with plastic spoons.

When plastic bottle and plastic spoon assembled together the shape of the spoons will create very beautiful piece of artwork, & we are sure that everyone will fall in love with this lamp.

It’s a simple craft project that requires patience and little time; but the end result is well worth your efforts.

We took the empty plastic container from kitchen which was having a handle to its lid and build a beautiful DIY spoon lamp, just by sticking head of plastic spoons with help of glue.
So lets get started.

These are the materials you will require to create your plastic spoon lamp:

  • Transparent plastic Container
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Lots of plastic spoons
  • Double Tape
  • Glue
  • Light lamp and a cable


  1. Get the plastic spoons,
  2. Disassemble the spoons,
  3. Bring a re-purposed plastic container turned into a shade,
  4. Decide spoon pattern,
  5. Lay the first row of spoons around the bottom of a bottle,
  6. Insert electrical equipment to light up the lamp.

And lastly hang the lamp switch on the light and enjoy ambiance created as the light shines through the spoons.

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